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Book Love Deserves a Home Office Bookshelf to Love

“A house is not a home without at least one book case full of books.” – BookShelfPorn.com

I believe: A home office is not an office without at least one book case full of books; for the simple reason that a bookcase makes a home office functional, organized and attractive.

overflowing home office bookshelf

Your home office book shelves don’t have to look like this. Read on for creative and practical solutions to home office book storage.

I have a home office client who is so tech savvy that all the files for her very successful business are kept on her computer. She has no file cabinet, but she does have a bookshelf. Her books are the essence of what she uses for work and inspiration – as evidenced by being well-worn. Most of them she could get in Kindle-format, but she chooses to use them in book form.

No matter how much you use electronic media, there is always something you need that comes between two covers. And this means you need book storage. In a corporate cubicle your books and reference material may have been stored out-of-sight, in an overhead flipper cabinet. Which is boring and an invitation to hidden clutter. Thanks goodness in your home office you have more options for book storage and display.

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If you want more inspiration on how to use and create a bookshelf for your home or home office check-out BookShelfPorn. You will see hundreds of photos of bookshelves in homes, offices, bookstores, libraries and galleries.
Creative ways to:

  • Store books in small spaces and vast spaces
  • Decorate with books – books arranged by color or arranged to make a book mural
  • Rooms for books and rooms made out of books
  • Dual purpose bookcases – combined with a bike hanger or with stair steps to a high cat perch.
  • Books stored in pianos, staircases, trees and mazes.
  • Books made into sculpture

I hope this inspires you to have fun creating your home office bookshelf set-up.

Two Tips for Your Home Office Bookshelf:

Based on my experience helping people set up more attractive and functional home offices, the reasons for overflowing bookcases are twofold:

  • Unedited/un-decluttered book collections with outdated and unused books taking up valuable space. If you haven’t used a book in the last year, then you don’t really need it. If a book is out-of-date – recycle it as paper. If a book has use and is in good condition then donate it to your local library or charity.
  • Think Tall. Bookcases that are too small for your book collection. Such as a three foot high bookcase when you really need a seven foot tall bookcase. Small footprint; big storage.

What is your favorite bookshelf solution? Let us know in your comments.

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