Home Office Bookcases – Sleek Design Clears Baseboards

Finding room in your home office for bookcases can be a challenge…

let alone well-designed home office bookcases. If you have limited wall space you need to “think tall”. If you have big old-fashioned baseboards ordinary bookcases can be unsupported because of the gap between the back of the home office bookcases and the wall caused by the thickness of the baseboard. If your only wall space is above a baseboard heater ordinary bookcases will block the heat.

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CB2’s Stairway home office bookcases are sleek, modern and skirt your bulky baseboards.

CB2 (a trendier and more modestly-priced branch of Crate & Barrel) has a sleek, sturdy book case – Stairway– that gives your baseboards or baseboard heaters clearance.

These home office bookcases are 96 inches high – which gives you to maximum storage in minimum floor space. The shelves are 12 inches deep which allows room for magazines, and folders and all but the BIGGEST books. But at 11.5 inches between shelves it cannot store binders and 12 x 12 x 12 boxes.

CB2’s Stairway bookcases consists of two brackets that attach to the wall at the top and a base that is about 5-6 inches away from the wall. My baseboard heater is 2.5 inches deep and 7 inches high – small enough to clear the space under the bottom shelf.

NOTE: if you choose to use these home office bookcases over a baseboard heater use some common sense. If there is a significant heat output, this bookcase is not for your home office. Keep the space below the bottom shelf clear and place only non-paper, non-combustible items on the bottom shelf. And please store your first editions somewhere else.

A few home office bookcase hints gleaned from the fine-print and reviews on the website:

  • Some assembly and wall mounting is required.
  • One customer-reviewer suggested replacing the plastic mounting hardware with metal ones for a more secure installation.
  • You can pick up the bookcases in boxes at the nearest CB2/Crate & Barrel warehouse and save on delivery charges – $0.

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image by CB2