Home Office Set-Up: Art First, Furniture Second

To inspire herself, Catherine Haley Epstein, a Portland-based artist and curator, set up her home office with an “Art first, furniture second” approach: spend your money on original art and books, the furniture is secondary. She surrounds herself with her own art and art from her collection.

If you are worried she is working on the floor, the answer is “no”. The “second” is inexpensive and functional furniture. Her desk, chair and bookshelves for her art books and mementos are inexpensive furniture from IKEA she put together herself.

home office with original art on the walls and white IKEA furniture.

This attractive office focuses on art and books, while simple, functional, inexpensive furniture play a supporting role..

A Boring Office is Just As Unproductive as a Cluttered Office.

  • If your office is already set with furniture, refresh it with artwork that inspires and delights you.
  • If you don’t yet have a budget for original art, check out Art.com or print and frame some of your own favorite photos.
  • If you have DIY skills you can put together a home office with minimal cost and maximum creativity.
  • If shopping for home office furniture check the hardware first. Drawers need to slide in and out easily.This is more important than how stylish a piece is. If a drawer sticks you won’t use it and things that are meant to go in there will pile-up. And then you will hate your office and think of yourself as irredeemably disorganized.

Decorate your home office to your heart’s content with art, mementos and your favorite things.

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photo by Catherine Haley Epstein