Flexible Office Space: Flexible Home Office Ideas from Google Garage

Funky, Functional and Fun

Google Garage flexible workspace

A video in Fast Company shows how Google set up a flexible workspace for creative collaboration: Google Garage. Everything is on wheels. Tables can be moved and re-configured. Casual seating is a mini-van back seat on a platform with wheels. Power supplies are on a ceiling grid and outlets can be pulled down for easy connection.

Flexibility for the Home Office

What first caught my eye were the legs on those mobile tables. They come from IKEA. I got a similar table with a white top, four legs and four locking casters for less than $70. I use it as a craft table, a buffet table when I entertain, or a home office side table to spread out projects or to collate handouts for a big presentation. Would a mobile table make your office (or home) more flexible and functional? Would a mobile table support your workflow? Steal an idea from Google and make it your own.

Flexible Notes and Diagrams

Google also made every surface in the Google Garage writable. The walls are writable and the tables are writable. You can have a writable home office with IdeaPaint here. They have a green-certified paint that is clear and can go anywhere.

Do you have a flexible office? What flexible device or furniture do you love?

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photo by Fast Company