Vertical Piles: Magazine Holders As A Solution for Piler-Filers

bookcase with magazine holders

Learn how to expand the use of an office organizer and create orderly vertical piles.

Recently I worked with a client who presented with a unique problem. As an active business woman and volunteer she was juggling several projects at once. She was a visual filer. and therefore a “piler”. She had piles of files on every horizontal surface: her desk, her office sofa and on the floor. She needed access to notes, resources, minutes and her own writing.

Usually when someone is a visual filer I suggest they use wall mounted file holders to hold journals and file folders for projects or various aspects of projects. But this client kept her papers in three-ring binders and pocket folders, and three-ring binders simply do not fit into wall-mounted vertical file holders.

The solution: vertical piles. She had two small tables that contained some of her piles. A more effective and efficient use of that space was to use magazine holders. She could group her pocket folders in magazine holders and place related three-ring binders next to them. Attractive (or at least neat) labels would make this look professional and files would be easy to find. Not only did this look neater, but as a more space-efficient way to store binders and files. The files on the floor now had a home.

Magazine holders come in corrigated and colored cardboard, plastic, wicker, and metal – mesh and laser-cut patterns. For a neater look: position them so the taller side faces out.

My client was pleased with the solution as it worked with her style of working and paper management, and the magazine holders were easy to find and set-up.

Are you a “piler”? How do you manage your papers? Would “vertical piles” work for you? Add your comment below.

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photo by Erika Ward, courtesty Houzz