Make Your Home Office More Comfortable : Way Cool Laptop Stand

Design is a complex thing.

What looks beautiful may not be functional. What is functional may be, well… just functional.  To make something that is both beautiful AND functional AND simple is the greatest challenge for designers. This applies to electronics, computers (remember the beige box form of early computers), everyday objects, and home office design and set-up.

I love creative and cutting edge design solutions. Following a thread on I discovered this way cool laptop stand.

image of modern style book stand, laptop stand in red or black

Style + function + fun = home office comfort with the Black and Blum Stand Up laptop stand.


 I wrote about laptop stands recently, but the one I liked most, a beautifully crafted wooden stand by Vool, was €300 and didn’t appear to do a very good job of allowing air to circulate underneath to keep the laptop cool.

The London-based design team of Black + Blum create objects for your everyday life that are functional and beautiful with a quirky twist.

Their standup! laptop stand is a great addition to your home office to support a laptop or tablet (or use it in your kitchen as a cookbook stand). With 1.3 lbs. of cast aluminum it is hefty enough to safely support your laptop and with a “soft touch” coating it will protect your treasured electronics from scratches. Its design allows for cooling air circulation. It comes in red or black. At $50 it isn’t cheap but you get function and sleek design in one package.

With a separate keyboard you will be all set to work in comfort and style.

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photo © by Black and Blum