How to Keep Your Laptop Cooler: Review for Mac and PC

Summertime: you need to keep cool, keep your home office cool, and keep your laptop cool.

Macs, PCs and laptops generate a lot of heat. If they overheat serious damage occurs.  I wrote a blog [link] about a green way to keep your laptop cool. This is an updated review to tell you how this tip works in the real world.

I used an elegant trivet to elevate my laptop off my desk. This allowed for total  air circulation. The first one was small and heavy and a bit wobbly. It did an OK job.  On one of my pilgrimages to IKEA I picked up this IKEA Lamplig trivet. [photo] It is light-weight, well ventilated, large enough for my good size laptop, stable and does an excellent job of keeping my laptop cool.

stainless steel modern ikea trivet

Keep your laptop cooler for less than $7: simple, cheap and it works.

How do I know?

  • The heat vent on the side of my laptop does not blast out hot air.
  • The little fan on the inside does not go into noisy overdrive.  And,
  • My laptop works faster.

For less than $7 my laptop runs cooler and I am extending its productive life.

As a bonus, when I am entertaining a crowd this IKEA trivet goes under my lasagna pan. :-D

What have you re-purposed to help you in your home office or for work of any kind? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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photo by IKEA