Home Office Organizing: Are You a Filer or a Piler?

It’s official! Professional organizers now recognize there are two valid styles of organizing papers: filing and piling.

My theory: “Pilers” are visual, and once something is filed-away, out-of sight, it is gone forever. This create panic, so they pile everything where they can see it. The standard solutions for home office pilers is to get bins and baskets. These need to be well labeled, consistently used and arranged for easy access. 

random papers in piles on a rug with cat

Using the floor to sort things is OK. Using the floor to store things in not-OK. PS Love the rug.

The challenge for pilers is limited horizontal surfaces for those bins and baskets. Visual Filing is my solution for pilers such as wall-mounted file holders.  Scan the wall and you will find the papers you need. Labeling is imperative. Colorful file folders is simply fun.

If you have a closet in or near your home office you can set it up with shelves and bins.

Check out my practical chapter on home office storage ideas in The Smarter Home Office: 8 Simple Steps to Improve Your Income, Inspiration and Comfort.

photo by LizMarie_AK