Green House Home Office Dream Home Office

Graphic artist and animator Philippe Vendrolini combined creativity with practicality to create a dream home office when his growing family took over his home office space.  After much research he came up with the idea of using a charming kit greenhouse office in his back yard! At 8 x 12 feet it is large enough for his desk, computer and a creativity corner/thinking sofa. He reports being more focused in his new home office. He also is surrounded by Nature. As more and more studies show:contact with nature helps to de-stress and energize us.

What kind of dream home office is percolating in the back of your brain (or in a folder of pictures and clippings)?  Are you dreaming of:

    • The perfect desk chair?
    • A delicious color on your walls?
    • A glorious view?
    • A cozy reading chair?
    • Better, more attractive storage?

What makes up your dream office? Send your wishes, dreams, ideas and photos to me in the comments below and I will post them.

Now all I need is a back yard in which to place this green house home office and make it my own. And I wouldn’t mind his view.

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