7 Home Office Productivity Tips Animated Video

Cool stop-action productivity video, no talking heads.

I love animation, well done animation like The Secret of Kells, How to Train Your Dragon and Paperman. I love animation that expands my world or helps me learn something new. And is a delight in the bargain.

In this week’s post you will learn 7 tips to improve your home office productivity with a cool 3 minute (OK, 3 minutes and 15 seconds) stop-action video by AsapScience based on an article by SparringMind. This illuminates the neuroscience of how your brain works and how to work with it.


  • Why depending on just willpower will not get something done.
  • Zeigarnik Effect – The natural momentum to complete a project once you get started.   
  • Why pacing your work leads to more productive work – Based on the strategies of world – class musicians. (See if you spot the stickers on the violin.)
  • How to create an accountability chart to document progress and time spent. (Think of it like a food log when you are dieting – helps you see larger patterns, where you are succeeding and where you are tripped-up.)
  • How deadlines can be a tangible goal.
  • Multitasking myths
  • When to plan tomorrow’s goals and tasks for greatest productivity.

…All in 3 Minutes

Photo by AsapScience

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