Home Office Lighting Design Ideas: 1 Simple Idea and 4 Best Tips

Lighting can make or break your home office experience. 

I see more mistakes in home office lighting design ideas in magazines, on television and online than I can shake a light bulb at.  It is a part of home office decorating and set-up that is either overlooked or inadequately addressed. But the effects are not just decorative.

  • Do you find your home office depressing?
  • Are you troubled by headaches when working?
  • Are your eyes tired by mid-afternoon?

If so, your problem is poor lighting.

Human beings need the right kind of light to feel comfortable and to work productively. Recessed ceiling lights and fluorescent panels, desk lamps, task lamps, and lava lamps are not the right kind of light.

gourd shaped gold based table lamp

A table lamp not only looks attractive and professional, but it give you the best light for work.

The Solution is Amazingly Simple  

Borrow a decorating tip from the executive suite.  Place a table lamp on your desk. Not only does a home office table lamp look professional, but it gives the best light for working.

  • Use a tall table lamp – the taller the lamp, the larger the spread of light on your desktop. (Make sure you can’t see the bare light bulb above or below the shade.)
  • Use a lamp with a shade – this diffuses the light and prevents eye-straining glare.
  • Use a lamp shade that is translucent, one that allows light to glow through it – this will give you a sphere of light in your work area, instead of just a circle of light on your desk.
  • Use a lamp shade that is white or off-white – this avoids tinting the light with the color of the shade.

The smarter choice of home office lighting makes a big difference in how you feel and how you function in your home office.

Let me know in the comments below if you have made a change in your home office lighting. Has it worked for you? How did you fine-tune it to meet your needs?

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