Small Business Time Management Tips Grow Your Business: So Few of Me

  • Do you find yourself working in your business, instead of on your small business all the time?
  • Are you caught up in the day-to-day tasks and mini-crises of your business?
  • Have you ever been so busy you wanted to clone yourself?

Leo, the hero of So Few of Me by Peter H Reynolds does just that. Magically Leo created nine other Leos to help him get everything done. The only problem: the more the Leos did the harder they worked. And the harder they worked, the more miserable Leo became. (Sound familiar?)

Leo took a nap and had a dream. In his dream he realized “What if I did less, but did my BEST? Then one Leo is all I need. Just me, just one…with time to dream.”

to do list  book cover so few of me peter h reynolds

So Few of Me by Peter H Reynolds is about Time management, taking time. Time to grow your business. (Click on image to learn where to buy the book.)


A friend who owns a small business sets aside one day a week for payroll, invoices and marketing work for her business. But she found she got nothing done in her business office. She was constantly being pulled into the day-to-day dilemmas of her business.  Because she was too exhausted in the evening, she ended up doing this work on the weekends. She was not happy. After she set up a comfortable and workable home office, and does that work in her home office, she discovered to her delight she is getting this work done. She is accomplishing what she needs and wants to grow her business.

Australian executive, Michael Simmons of Transport Training Solutions works from home one day a week. He finds not only is he able to focus on strategic planning for his company, his employees feel empowered to solve problems on their own when he is away.

The solution to a work problem can be improving your office space. If you have a business consider working away from your place of work and its distracting daily details.

Set up a home office so you can work on your business, not just in your business.

PS – I love children’s books. And the best ones are enjoyed by both children and adults. So Few of Me is this kind of book. It was raffled by Laurie Kirby of WBZ Radio, who moderated a Women’s Enterprise Initiative Business Plan Forum and its author, Peter H. Reynolds.  That evening’s excellent business plan presentation by Linda Moraski was a lesson in the need to dream/think/plan/strategize to grow your business.

If you want help setting up a home office that is efficient, comfortable and beautiful then contact Linda Varone for a personal consultation.

cover image copyright by Peter H Reynolds