Home Office Design: Mobile File Cabinet Tips

In home office design:

  • If your space is limited, then finding space for an extra file cabinet can be a challenge.
  • If you use a table for your desk in your home office and want to have a file cabinet within reach.
  • If you are using an impromptu space to work and don’t have the space or desire to add a metal file cabinet to the room.

A mobile file cabinet can be the solution

bring yellow mobile file cabinet under table

Slide this yellow Alphabravo by Heartworks under your desk or table for $259.

The new generation of mobile file cabinets are attractive as well as practical. Mobile file cabinets typically are mounted on wheels and have one drawer for hanging files. Many have a pencil or a stash drawer above the file drawer. Click on photos to learn more about individual mobile file cabinets

What to look for when shopping for a mobile file cabinet:

  • Sturdy, stable wheels
  • Drawer hardware that moves smoothly, opens completely and is strong enough to support heavy files.
  • Holds the papers you need for your task – note mobile file cabinets are not as deep as standard metal file cabinets.
  • Stable design so the cabinet will not tip when the file drawer is fully opened. (IKEA’s Galant has a fifth wheel under the drawer to both support the opened drawer and allow for ease of opening.)
  •  If you plan to use your mobile file under a table or desk, be sure it is short enough for easy clearance  (check the space between floor and the “skirt” of the table, not just the underside or the table top.
IKEA Galant mobile file

IKEA Galant mobile file comes with a lock and in 4 finishes $159.

The new mobile file cabinets are attractive and may be just the thing to help you work more easily and productively in your home office.

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tps mobile file by CB2 in orange.

tps mobile file by CB2 in orange. $159.