Home Office Back To The Future: Office Technology Predictions in 1967

In this short video clip newsman Walter Cronkite demonstrates the marvels of the home office of the twenty first century. Some predictions are remarkably accurate: the “electronic correspondence machine” allows access to news, weather reports and stock market data via a computer screen; video telephone calls; and printers. All presented in a way that made it look possible. What was missing were keyboards and the concept of written information going two-ways. Ergonomics appears to be unknown for the home office of the future.

Walter Cronkite demonstrates the computer of the future circa 1967.

Walter Cronkite demonstrates the “electronic correspondence machine” of the future.

As one blog commenter said: If they showed a smart phone and said that you would be able to have access to all the information available in the world and telephonic connection with almost any person on the globe, people in 1967 would believe that would be impossible.

I have heard that the average smart phone has more computer capability than the computers that got the Apollo astronauts to the moon and back.

We live in amazing times. Let’s make these technological marvels are our servants and not our masters. See another video vision of the future here.

In the future woman standing at airport pickup station

View this video by Microsoft about our future with technology.


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Walter Cronkite photo from Smithsonian dot com Paleofuture blog

Future of technology photo by Microsoft