A Fun Way To Organize And Display Your Home Office Books

January is National Organizing Month. This is a great time to make your home office more organized and productive.

Start by organizing your books. You have reference books in your home office on your expertise or on the business of business. If your books are stacked on the floor or are spilling off the shelves start thinking about your bookshelf needs. There is no reason to take this seriously. BoredPanda posted over a dozen whimsical book cases for your home or home office.

My favorites are:

umbra's invisible book shelf Books in a stack appear attached to the wall

Umbra’s invisible book shelf

Invisible bookshelf – Books appear to float against the wall.

 equation bookshelf  with parentheses and brackets to organize books

Equation bookshelf – parentheses and brackets to organize books (unfortunately only in prototype)

Equation Shelf  For your favorite data person.

Bookcase with steps for cats to climb.
Cat Library by Belgian designer Corentin Dombrecht (not in production, but would make a great DIY project)

Cat Library – A book case that is fun for your cat!

Skateboard shelving  three skate boards mounted to wall as shelves
Skateboard shelving A great DIY project Click on photo for link

Skateboard – Organizing inspiration for the young and the young-at-heart. And

White storage shelves angled to be hidden
These storage shelves are angled to hide from view what is stored within. These would be great in a loft or other open space.

CTLine – A very elegant book case that plays with perspective.

Before you get that new book case, sort through your books. Decide which ones are out-of-date. Which books you are never going to read, despite your good intentions. Which books reflect a part of you or your business that you have out-grown. Let them go. If someone could use the book, donate it to your library or a local charity. If it is out-of-date (Windows 95 for Dummies) tear off the cover and recycle it.

Sorting through and organizing your books is a great way to start organizing and making your home office more productive. It is easy to make decisions about whether to keep or to let go. When you are done, stand back and look at your newly sorted and organized books with a real sense of accomplishment.

Consider adding a new book to your business of business collection: The Smarter Home Office: Increase Your Income, Inspiration and Comfort.  : -D