Home Office Exercises: 10 Desk Exercise Videos to Help You Stay Fit

As I have had several recent posts about ergonomics, standing desks and treadmill desks, I want to share some home office exercises with you that will help burn calories or at least help you release some of the stiffness and muscle tension which accompanies your work day.

10 Home Office Exercise Videos to Help You Stay Fit


old photo (1920's of men doing gymnastic poses.

Exercise doesn’t have to be this complicated.


A recent post in Apartment Therapy has 10 different videos on desk exercises, from a full 15 minute office workout to simple stretches. While I am in awe of the woman demonstrating “wall squats” AND talking at the same time, I found a couple of videos with easy stretches that really worked. Most of these are low-key enough that you could do them in a cubicle office.

These quick videos help you learn simple ways to move and stretch during work day breaks. See which home office exercises work best for you.

I tried a few of the simple stretches and was surprised at how effective they were (and how stiff I was.)

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