Home Office Set-up: The L-Desk: Space for Original Thinking

Last week I quoted ad-man George Lois about the importance of having a cleared workspace in your home office to create your “big idea.” You may have noted his office was pre-personal computers and he had a secretary for administrative work. Nowadays in the home office, and even the corporate office, you do much of your work on a computer, and you are your own secretary.

The concept of a cleared space for original thinking and problem solving still applies. This is where an “L-desk” configuration can help. Use one desk surface for your computer and one cleared workspace is for thinking and putting thoughts on paper (not on your computer-this is an important difference).

Create an L-desk, or make room on your existing L-desk for original thinking and problem-solving.

What if you don’t have an “L-desk”? What if you already have a desk? You can create an “L-desk” with a table at right-angles to your desk or main work surface. A console table (drawers are handy) is narrow and can fit into tight spaces – just be sure it is not too tall.  If you have DIY skills, you can find a table top of the right size and attach the perfect table legs (adjustable height or with wheels) for you.

Make sure your side table or “L” is:

  • Small enough to fit
  • Large enough to be functional
  • Has room for your legs underneath
  • Has adequate lighting.

If you already have an L-desk, declutter one arm  and make it your clear space to think and problem solve.

To learn more about setting up a functional and comfortable home office read The Smarter Home Office: 8 Simple Steps to Increase Your Income, Inspiration and Comfort.

photo by geishaboy500