Smarter Home Office Logo Reader Survey

I have been doing some doodling and after two years of being stuck on a logo for The Smarter Home Office I have come up with some possibilities.

Please let me know what you think of them and which one you like best.   Please excuse the blurry quality of the images and text, I had to do a work around to show multiple images and they lost their crispness.

Please share your thoughts and votes in the comments box below.  Thanks!  Linda

6 different house shaped logos

Which logo do you like best?


  1. Hi Linda,

    I like logo F.

    Good Luck with whatever you choose.


  2. I like D because the sho are the same case as the logo.

    Take care. Suzan

  3. Hi Linda,

    I like D with your company name in lower case. Although does that work with your branding in other instances?

    Good luck!

  4. Laura Mills-Smith says:

    Hi Linda,

    I like LOGO F too. Its great looking!
    Great JOB on being # 1. on AMAZON office books.
    Have a nice week,

  5. Hi Linda,

    I like Logo F. Congratulations on being #1 on Amazon. That’s fantastic!

    Hope to see you soon,


  6. Logo F

  7. A logo is a picture, so I’d with B or C. A logo doesn’t have to have the company name within in it. In my opinion it shouldn’t. The company name will be somewhere in the ad, business card, etc. Think of some big name logos such as Apple and Nike and their “picture”. No words.