Staples Corp Survey: Ergonomics Ignored in Telecommuter Home Office Set-up

At a recent presentation of The Smarter Home Office ergonomics generated the most questions and comments. This was sharply contrasted with a survey done by Staples Corporation in 2011: only 1% of remote worker/telecommuter respondents received help from their companies on the ergonomic set-up of their home offices. And if you are self-employed or a freelancer working in your home office you are really on your own.

home office with kitchen chair

Poor ergonomics = poor productivity

Many people think office ergonomics is complicated and expensive. They are wrong. Ergonomics is a few simple adjustments to your chair, keyboard and monitor.

Here is how you can easily improve the ergonomics of your home office:

Here are simple adjustments in your home office desk and chair set-up to improve your comfort and productivity:

Tips on how to buy a new desk chair:

photo by Elizabeth/Table4five