The Focused Home Office: A Room Without a View

I am always learning from my clients.

A recent home office client showed me that positioning a desk by the window does not always work for everyone. My client explained she wasn’t working in her home office and instead found herself working at her kitchen counter. This set-up – or lack of one – meant her files were scattered through-out several rooms making her work unfocused and unproductive.  Advocating home office arrangements with window views of nature, I suggested other places in her home that would allow her to consolidate her workspace and her files. She objected to all of them, saying she did not like the views. Finally I really listened – she did not like the views of her beautiful garden because they are too distracting. She was telling me she loves her garden and gardening so much, seeing them would make her want to go outside and garden. She is most focused and productive when she does not have a beautiful view.

desk with computer in dark corner of room

For some people a home office without a view helps them focus

Her under-used home office had no views, but was not functional as it was set up for aspects of her business she had outgrown. Understanding this, we collaborated on making her neglected home office support the next stage of her career. We identified old files and office equipment for purging. We brainstormed about what she would need to have nearby and how to store it. We then identified images for beautifying her office that would inspire her to grow her business and meet her personal goals.

She is delighted with the results.  And I learned that not everyone benefits from a beautiful view while working. For this client her nourishing connection with nature needed to be very direct – working and/or being in her garden. If you can’t resist the siren-call of nature through your window, then a home office without a view may be the answer. Be sure to balance this isolation with time in nature.

What helps you focus when working in your home office?

What kind of beauty inspires you?

Share your experience in the comments below.

photo by Brad Montgomery


  1. Mary Gilbert says:

    I can’t work when there is any music or radio-talk. I am now set up to have music when I work, and I seldom use it. I would have the same trouble as your client if my window were overlooking my garden.

    • Great to hear from you Mary. Yes for some of us the work day is incomplete without music. For others music in the home office can never simply be “background music.” This would be a great topic for a future article/blog. Thanks!

  2. Betty Bullock says:

    I love my garden but my window with a view overlooks the street and my neighbor’s house. The best of both worlds – a window without a tempting view! Also because it overlooks the street I don’t feel isolated since occasional cars go by.

    • Thanks for your comment. I am learning some of us love our gardens/outdoors so much it takes a lot of discipline to focus on work indoors. A great example of tuning into your intuition when you are setting up your home office.