Home Office Productivity Boost: The Walking Meeting

Apple founder Steve Jobs would regularly have walking meeting with colleagues, friends and experts in related fields. Instead of sitting in his office to chat, he would walk with someone to discuss an issue or new area of interest.

This was a win:win:win. Steve Jobs:

two young women walking along a country road

Walking, talking, connecting and creating.

  • Met with people and exchanged ideas
  • Got exercise
  • Used the power of movement (in this case walking) to boost his thinking and creativity juices.

If you work at home as an entrepreneur, free-lancer or remote worker, taking a break from your desk is essential to boost productivity. What did Steve Jobs know?

  • Connecting with colleagues is essential for maintaining relationships in your field and keeping up with the latest trends.
  • Networking is about growing your community of contacts for mutual benefit.
  • You connect with the restorative and balancing power of Nature.
  • Walking is the simplest best exercise going – and gives you a bonus of stimulating creative problem solving.

As the weather is getting warmer, instead of meeting someone for coffee arrange to meet for a walk. Both of you will benefit and you won’t be tempted by those coffee shop muffins.

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photo by hellolapomme