Home Office Organization: 2 Ways to Hide Cables and Organize Cords

Even in a wireless world, eventually we connect with cables and electrical cords to the grid. The challenge is how to manage them all in your home office, instead of being ensnared by the octopus of cables beneath your desk.

cable cover on wall and baseboard

Hint: the cable cover channels follow the panels in the wainscoating and the baseboard.

Two recent home office organizing solutions appeared online. One is a system of wall mounted cable covers, the other is an all-in-one powerstrip and cord corral.

  1. The Cordmate II  (basic kit) costs less than $20. It consists of several channels that press and stick to your wall or baseboard. Additional connectors and “elbows” are also available to order. The white assembly is paintable, so it can match your walls and/or baseboard for camoflage. This is when those “tester” pints of paint come in handy.
  2. PlugHub, $30, is a box which consists of a space for your surge protector strip, three cord anchors to wrap your longer cords around and it is all enclosed in a box which covers cords, plugs and power strip. When I first looked at this, I wondered how it would work with those bulky voltage converter plugs. A possible work-around would be to use the open space at the bottom and have any bulky electrical plugs stick out. What do you think?

    cord organizer box

    Cord organizer

What cord and cable organizing solutions do you use for your home office? Share them in the comments box below.

You can also use The Cordmate II and the PlugHub for the cables and cords of your home entertainment center.

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Cordmate II Photo by Apartment Therapy

PlugHub Photo by Quirky.com


  1. Thank you Linda for these great cord solutions! My mother, Rosemary :) forwarded me your newsletter and I am glad she did! I’ll be sure to pass these suggestions (and your newsletter) along to my clients and friends! – Francesca

    • Francesca- I am glad you liked these solutions to the cord conundrum. I am delighted your mother Rosemary (a generous and dynamic lady) forwarded my newsletter to you and now you are going to share it with friends and clients. What a great example of how we all help each other out. Let me know if there is a topic you would like me to write on.