Boring Home Offices are as Unproductive as Cluttered Offices: Personalize Your Workspace

Everyone knows that too much stimulation (noise, clutter, interruptions) in a workspace is distracting, which leads to a decrease in focus and work efficiency. What few people know is that, for most people, a bare or boring office is just as unproductive.

starfish paperweight MFA

Add beauty and a spark of color to your office

A bit of architectural psychology here:  Everyone needs the right amount of stimulation in their environment (color, sound, movement, aroma, texture and temperature) to be comfortable and focused. Too much environmental stimulation draws our focus outward to the environment. Too little stimulation in the environment tends to be boring and people turn inward for the stimulation they need, usually daydreaming.

Personalization is a great way to fine-tune and beautify your workspace. But where to get something that is beautiful and professional? Your local museum gift shop! A recent email from Boston’s Museum of Fine Art  demonstrates the stylish and functional things you can add to your space for a bit of uplift: a Monet Waterlilies mouse pad, a starfish paper weight, or notecards by your favorite artist for professional thank you’s  is a win:win. You get something to enjoy and can be proud of while you are supporting your local museum.

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Photo by MFA Boston