Home Office Write Board Hack: Visually Think Out-Loud with Elegance

Write boards and their many variations are a great time management and productivity tool. You can use them to keep to-do lists, plot project management, or to THINK BIG in a visual way. I used a white board to plan this website and other big projects that have several parts (moving or otherwise) and will take an extended time to complete.

write board with assignments and cartoons

Write Boards let you plan, be creative and THINK BIG.

While white boards are great to use, they can be a serious investment for the home office. I have written about some creative, budget-conscious alternatives such as IdeaPaint and the WhiteyBoard in previous posts.

LifeHacker showed a great way to get an elegant write board by hacking an IKEA white glass table top. Cost – about $100 for a writeable (53″x33″) glass surface mounted on your wall. This requires mirror mounting hardware to handle the weight of the glass. Hanging this glass table top is a two-person job, but that is what pizza and beer are for. (Please consume after the glass is secured to the wall.  ;-)  ) Cleaning this write board hack is as easy as cleaning a window or mirror.

If you already have a write board, the comments on the LifeHacker article include some great ideas on how to clean your white board, even if you have stubborn stains.

Need to take your write board notes with you? Take a photo with your smartphone.

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Photo by emdot,  who says “there should always be a write board in the office just for fun.”