Home Office Efficiency: How to NOT Lose Your Next Big Idea: walking through a doorway increases forgetfulness

Have you ever been working in your home office on a great idea, walked into another room and immediately forgot what you were thinking? Then, you re-claim that thought by simply going back to the place where it first occurred. You were not experiencing a “senior moment”; it means your thoughts are tied to context – the space in which it arose.

A study at the University of Notre Dame discovered thoughts need context to be remembered. Context is the space in which the thought occurs: walking through a doorway, even a virtual doorway as  done in the study, made remembering much more difficult.

young woman reading in chair by a windwo

A home office reading chair will keep you focused and more efficient

How can you use this insight in your home office for increased efficiency?

  • Have the tools you need for your work in your office. Going into the kitchen for a pair of scissors is a set-up for a break in your train of thought.
  • Have paper and pen with you at all times. When you have an idea away from you home office you may be tempted to think “I’ll remember that” – Wrong.  Write down new ideas right away.  I find index cards handy. One idea or thought per card. Act on the thought: integrate the th0ught into your project, then toss the card.
  • Use Evernote and keep you smartphone with you.
  • Use a home office reading chair. If you have the space, place a comfortable chair in your home office so you can take a break from your desk and maintain your focus. Add a lamp and a small table for your papers and coffee mug. Learn more about the home office reading chair in The Smarter Home Office: 8 simple steps to increase your income, inspiration and comfort.

Now you have a home office set-up to support the way your brain works, and makes you more productive.

What do you do to help yourself focus at work? Share your ideas and experiences in a comment below.

Personally, I am going to re-stock my purse with index cards right now. ;-)