Navy SEAL Energy Tips For Success: Maintain Your Energy and Focus

Navy SEAL energy tips for success 

Catch the spirit and maintain your energy and focus with Navy SEAL energy tips for success

Catch the spirit and maintain your energy and focus

Energy Tips for Success

Being a success at anything, any business, any passion, any goal requires energy. Physical, mental and emotional energy. Here are Navy SEAL energy tips for success on how do you keep your energy high. Plus my own experience (as a whimp) using these tips.

“It’s all about energy. Whether you’re leading a nonprofit organization, running a private company, doing something outdoors, or conducting military operations — you have to build habits that keep your energy high.” – Eric Greitens

Eric Greitens tells how he manages to get it all done in his very busy life. Greitens is a former Navy SEAL commander, Rhodes scholar, and Ph.D. with a long list of additional accomplishments and activities.

Eric Greitens’ Navy SEAL Energy Tips for Success :

  1. Vigorous exercise: Six days a week, he walks out of a gym, a dojo, or off a track pouring with sweat.
  2.  Good fuel: When Eric eats clean, quality food during the day, his energy never sags.
  3.  Good partners: Working with a team of positive people keeps your spirits up.
  4.  Balance: Pray or meditate every day, and also laugh, a lot. You won’t have focus without balance.
  5.  A goal: A worthy challenge will take care of your motivation for you.

OK, I’m not a former Navy SEAL, so I am not going to pour sweat anywhere. But there is a hidden theme in all of this. Tuning-in to your inner wisdom, intuition or “gut feelings” helps you make the best decision on how to keep up your energy.

  1. Last week after reading this I was more aware of what I really need.  After a stressful week I had a strong urge to take my bike out for a ride. (Note: this is from someone whose idea of bliss is lying down on the sofa with a good book.) I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, the sunshine and the fresh air. The exercise was amazingly helpful in discharging my tension and recharging my energy.
  2. At the grocery store I looked at the chips and munchies thinking “I deserve something like this.” But I became aware that my intuition (maybe it was my “gut”) was metaphorically and vigorously shaking its head “no”.  So I passed by the snacks aisle and didn’t miss it at all. I need to do this tuning-in stuff more often. Chances are, if what you are eating came to you from a
    factory, in a bag, it is not your best food choice.
  3. I had the very good luck last week to work with some great people. They helped me get the project in on time and were extraordinarily supportive. Nothing beats working with positive, professional people. And likewise, nothing wows clients and customers more than when you are positive and professional.
  4. Working for a worthy goal far outshines working for mere profit (yours or a larger organization’s). It is much easier to go the extra mile when it is for the benefit of others.

 5 steps. 5 goals. Something you can wrap your mind around and do.

If you work at home or are a solopreneur it is crucial for you to take care of yourself. When you take care of yourself, you are better able to take care of your business and your family. Get some extra help by tuning into that source of inner wisdom and you will make the best decisions to keep up your energy, your focus and lower your stress.

What do you do to keep yourself energized and focused? Share your tips with us as a Comment!

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  1. Margy Rydzynski says:

    What a great article! I forced myself to take a whole day off yesterday, and spent it viewing gardens (Garden in the Woods and Elm Bank, home of the Mass. Horticultural Society). Afterwards, my husband joined the two of us for a wonderful dinner at New Mother India in Waltham. I feel refreshed and energetic.

    Best, Margy

    • Margy – Thanks for your story about how balance (and beauty) in your life creates new energy. Connecting with Nature is especially powerful. Sometimes just thirty minutes out-of-doors recharges your batteries.

  2. Judy Osborne says:

    I lovedd the article and the poster!