Two Simple Solutions to Computer Monitor Squint: how to make reading easier on your eyes and avoid crow’s feet.


Squint prevention: a Smarter Home Office beauty tip

Last week at a corporate office I saw someone leaning forward toward their computer monitor with a squinty facial expression. This common body language told me this person was having difficulty reading her computer screen.

While you are reading this take a second and observe yourself.

  • Are you leaning forward?
  • Are you squinting?

You may have difficulty reading the text on your screen and not even realize it. You are aware of the fatigue and discomfort you feel, but have not recognized its cause.

Here are 2 simple solutions:

1.  Make the text on your screen bigger. If you are working on Windows XP follow these few steps by Leo A Notenboom  

If you are working on Windows 2010:

Click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of your screen

Click on “Control Panel”

Find “Fonts” in the alphabetical list and open it

On the left side of the screen menu find “Change Font Size” and click on larger (125%). Then click “apply”.

You will have to restart your computer to activate this feature.

For reading online a temporary solution is:

In Windows: click on “Ctrl” and “+”. This will increase the size of the text for each time you click “+”. To reduce the size of fonts – Click “ctrl” and “-”.

In Mac: Use the “Command” key with the “+” or “-“.

2.  Or, you can simply move your monitor closer to you. Voila, your computer is now easier to read. No more tense and tired backs, and no more crow’s feet. Who knew The Smarter Home Office gives beauty tips?  ;-)

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  1. Jackie Krzeminski says:

    Good simple points. Another remedy may be to raise the computer screen (on several books or an apparatus that I’ve seen at Staples). I kind of like the book idea, especially is the titles are facing you and bring good energy.


    • Jackie – You bring up a good point. Positioning your monitor screen so the top of the screen is eye-level is excellent ergonomics. I love the DIY idea of using a stack of inspiring books.