Three Tips on How to Make Filing Easier: Conquering the Overstuffed File Drawer

“Filing is for retrieval, not for storage.” Karen McKenna-Veliotis, professional organizer

File Drawers

How to Conquer Overstuffed File Drawers

Last week I was helping a client with some of her office files. The file drawer was so full it was impossible to get a folder in or out of the drawer without scrapped knuckles. As this was a current project, we moved the folders to a second drawer.

This reminded me of a client whose file cabinets where so full she could no longer use them resulting in a chaotic home office. Part of her problem was an inexpensive (cheap/left over from grad school) file cabinet without full-suspension drawer hardware. This meant that as the drawer got fuller and heavier she needed to use brute-force to open or close it. It finally got stuck partially open resulting in a messy-looking, distracting and discouraging home office. Click here to learn more about the right kind of file cabinets for an efficient and comfortable office.

If your file cabinet is working fine – then it is time to de-clutter your files. If you feel guilty about “wasting time” de-cluttering…, then do it when you need a semi-mindless break from a thought-intensive task. Neurobiologist John Medina writes that the brain functions better with regular breaks. Thirty minutes of de-cluttering a file drawer will give your brain a break, allowing you to return to your project with a fresh perspective. And, you will have created space for active files in your file cabinets – a place of their own off your desk.

If you are one of those people for whom a filed paper is a “lost” paper, consider “visible storage” 

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